The Complete Guide to Pay-Per-Call


Marketers have always been challenged to find the best way to spend their advertising dollars. In 2021, after a global…

Compliance in Pay-Per-Call

Telemarketing is notorious for being highly regulated, but it can be confusing which telemarketing regulations extend to the pay-per-call industry and how they apply. However, this is a growing concern for advertisers that want to protect their brand. In fact, …

How to Start a Performance Marketing Program

As advertising budgets become scrutinized across the board, marketers look for new placement strategies that deliver predictable results and a clear return on investment (ROI). Although 62% of CMOs expect their media spend to bounce back in 2021 (Gartner

Compliance and Publisher Vetting in Pay-Per-Call

Why a Trusted Network is Important

Performance marketing is a strategic use of advertising spend that makes sense: affiliates generate leads that they sell to brands who pay for the leads that meet their qualifications. It’s a win-win for both …

Real Time Bidding and Ping Post Explained

For a long time, the best way to buy and sell calls in a pay-per-call campaign was through a direct connection between an advertiser and publisher: publishers apply to an advertiser’s offer and get paid at a fixed rate for …

How to Design a Successful Landing Page

With the right ad traffic, a good landing page equals a successful pay-per-call campaign.

In a pay-per-call campaign, landing pages have one goal: convert your website traffic into qualified calls. It’s no surprise, then, that having a successful landing page …

Taking The Guesswork Out of Lead Generation

Generating new prospects isn’t easy. With changes in consumer behavior and the rising costs of digital marketing, deciding on how to spend limited advertising dollars is becoming even more difficult. Although no foolproof solution exists, performance marketing has proven to …

What Can Pay-Per-Call Do to Help Your Inbound Sales Agents?

Pay-per-call can help national brands drive more qualified leads to their inbound sales agents at higher conversion rates and lower costs per lead.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How to find consumers that are ready to buy, not