How to Measure Success in Your Pay-Per-Call Campaign


Understanding campaign results to maximize inbound call traffic

The only way to know you are getting the best return on your pay-per-call investment is to measure your campaign’s success. When you do this, you not only ensure that your campaign is  valuable, but you can also identify opportunities to make your campaign perform even better.

Keep these tips in mind when it comes time for you to measure your pay-per-call campaign’s success.

Track calls to understand where they come from

Inbound calls generated in a pay-per-call campaign may come from a variety sources  – paid search, SEO, social media, billboards, etc. Depending on how your pay-per-call network and its partnered publishers advertise your phone number, the calls your business receives could come from anywhere.

It is important that you work with a network that provides you with tools for tracking and measuring your calls. These tools will help you understand where and how your calls are generated which will allow you to identify the offers, sources, and geographies that are driving the most qualified calls. With this information, you can optimize your pay-per-call campaigns by eliminating poor-performing call sources and allocating more budget to high-performers.

Use a reporting dashboard to gain valuable insights

The best networks will provide you with the tools you need to track your calls in real time. Networks like CallThread allow you to view detailed information about a call, such as caller ID, call duration, and campaign source as the call is happening. A reporting dashboard like this makes it easy to spot qualified calls, ensure the campaign is working as expected, and analyze your pay-per-call campaigns with the most recent data.

Work with reliable networks and publishers to obtain accurate data

In order to measure your campaigns accurately, it is important to make sure you work with networks and publishers that are up-front and honest with you about the calls you receive.  Make sure your pay-per-call network is reliable and transparent about where your calls are coming from and how they are sourced.

A quality network will allow you to set and adjust your campaign restrictions, have a process for vetting their publishers, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Use different phone numbers for different ads to find the best call generators

To track your calls more effectively, try using different tracking numbers for different ads. The best pay-per-call networks will give you the tools to create a pool of different phone numbers that will forward callers to your business.

By using unique numbers for your different ads, you can track which ads generate the most qualified calls and which ones generate the least. With this information, you can maximize call traffic by adjusting your campaign to only include ads that generate a lot of qualified traffic to your business. This will optimize your marketing spend by ensuring you only use your pay-per-call on your best ads.