About Us

We help businesses improve lead acquisition efforts with our innovative performance marketing solutions.

Who we are

Soleo is a leader in call management and performance marketing. We are a well-established and trusted partner and technology innovator in the industries we serve. With nearly 20 years of experience, we have earned our reputation by building world-class platforms, maintaining the highest standards of compliance, being selective about our suppliers, and providing best-in-class customer support.

CallThread is Soleo’s performance marketing platform that pairs our proprietary call management technology with our expansive pay-per-call network. The net result is a consistent volume of highly qualified inbound leads directed right to our customers. We service national brands and other businesses across a variety of categories.

Our goal is to help our advertising partners improve their return on ad spend and generate more sales through quality inbound calls and full-service support from our pay-per-call experts.

What we do

We offer performance marketing solutions designed to help our partners make the most of their marketing dollars. Our goal is to improve every step of the lead management process – from lead generation to campaign optimization to contact center handling. The talented members of our team are dedicated to delivering superior service. We continuously monitor performance throughout the process and provide key insights to our customers.

Continually growing

As we continue to expand our network, quality and compliance remain key themes across our business. We have a rigorous vetting process for all publishers that join our network before they are granted access to our campaigns. And we regularly update our compliance practices to align with the evolving legal requirements and industry best practices including advertising regulations, privacy, and data security.