Carrier Connections

Our carrier relationships benefit our performance marketing initiatives. Our carrier platforms provide call handling and automated information services for millions of callers each month – all while offering carriers the opportunity to generate new revenue from our unique pay-per-call partnerships.

Call transfer and information service for nonworking numbers

Soleo’s call transfer and information service allows carriers to monetize calls to nonworking business numbers. Callers are given suggestions of alternative local merchants free of charge. Our cloud-based platform and years of experience make this service easy to implement. We provide a variety of call flows that determine a caller’s true intent when they reach a disconnected business number. 

In some business categories, we offer follow-up questions to determine the most appropriate way to route the call. The net result is highly satisfied callers and a better-targeted lead for local merchants. Soleo shares the pay-per-call advertising revenue it receives from merchants with its carrier customers.

Core Benefits


Trusted supplier

With over 20 years in the space, Soleo is a well-known and trusted supplier to telecom carriers


New source of revenue

Monetize calls to nonworking numbers and directory assistance with our call transfer service


Cloud-based platform

Our innovative platform is
cloud-based for your convenience


Straight-forward integration

Easily integrate Soleo software with your existing platforms

Directory Assistance

Soleo’s automated directory assistance provides carriers with service flexibility, high fulfillment rates, and cost efficiencies. We handle voice requests for business, residential, and government listings, as well as search by business category or phone number.

Our cloud-based speech recognition algorithms have been fine-tuned to support a high volume call traffic with superior response times. 

With our web-enabled DA agent workstation solution, agent applications can be easily added and customized based on carrier call handling practices. The net result is highly satisfied callers and, depending on the call, a targeted lead for local merchants.