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Qualified insurance leads sent directly to your business

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Retriever Rate is our insurance comparison tool that saves consumers time and money by giving them the information they need to choose an insurance carrier in less than 30 seconds without fear of spam.

With Rate Retriever, we match you with high-intent, targeted consumers based on your competitive position, maximizing your return on ad spend and use of internal resources. We partner with captive and independent agents as well as regional and national brands.


Fill out our sign-up form now and take the first steps towards growing your business with RateRetriever.com

Fill out our sign-up form now and take the first steps towards growing your business with RateRetriever.com


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How to generate auto insurance leads?

One way to generate auto insurance leads is by using online marketing techniques such as creating a professional website, using social media platforms to reach potential customers, and creating engaging content like blog posts or videos. You can also use email marketing campaigns to target interested individuals and offer promotions or discounts to entice them to inquire about your insurance services. Networking with other businesses or professionals in the industry can also help generate referrals for auto insurance leads. By consistently marketing your services and providing excellent customer service, you can attract new leads and grow your business in the auto insurance industry.

How much does it cost to get insurance leads?

The cost of insurance leads can vary depending on the type and quality of the leads. You’ll pay more per lead if you only want to pay for leads that bind, and you’ll typically pay the least if you pay per click. This all has to do with the lead’s intent and quality. If you want high-intent leads with very specific targeting, you’ll pay more per lead than if you’ll take low-intent leads (like clicks) with little targeting. Some lead partners will even allow you to buy leads dynamically, so the price per lead would fluctuate based on if the lead had more desirable characteristics (like insured drivers or homeowners) than others (like nonstandard or young adults).

What types of insurance leads can I get with performance marketing?

With performance marketing, you can get clicks, calls, or data leads for your insurance business or agency, or you can buy leads on a pay-per-bind or commission basis.

Are leads exclusive or shared?

Leads can be either exclusive or shared depending on the agreement between the company providing the leads and the recipient. At Soleo, we sell exclusive leads. Exclusive leads are only given to one person or business, meaning they do not have to compete with others for the same potential customer. Shared leads are given to multiple recipients, requiring them to compete with each other for the same potential customer. It is important to clarify with the lead provider whether the leads offered are exclusive or shared to understand how much competition there may be for each lead.

How can I customize the leads I want to receive?

To customize the leads you want to receive, you can specify the type of customer you are looking for and the criteria they must meet. This could include factors like location, desired service, or demographics (in some industries). By being specific about the type of leads you want, you can ensure that you receive high-quality prospects that are more likely to convert into customers for your business.

How many leads can I expect to get?

The number of leads you can expect to get can vary depending on many factors such as the industry you are in, your targeting parameters, the size of your geographic coverage, and how competitive your offer is.

What is performance marketing in digital marketing?

Performance marketing is a type of digital marketing where companies pay for advertising based on specific actions or results, such as clicks, sales, or leads. Instead of just paying for the ad to be seen by people, businesses only pay when a desired action is taken. This allows companies to track their return on investment more accurately and adjust their marketing efforts as needed.

How to get auto insurance leads?

There are many ways to get leads to your insurance business or agency. One way is to work with a lead partner. Your ideal partner will be able to generate a high volume of the insurance leads you want. It’s also a good idea to work with a partner who sells exclusive leads, so you know where your leads come from and that they’re not being sold to and spammed by a lot of other insurance providers.

Can leads be targeted geographically?

Yes, leads can be targeted geographically. This allows you to reach consumers who are within your target market or service area. Geo targeting is typically on a state or zip code level.

Can I dispute my leads?

Yes, you can dispute your leads if you believe they are not valid. At Soleo, we also monitor your leads for quality, and your account manager would be happy to help you with any quality concerns you have.

What are the best practices for following up with leads?

It depends on the type of lead. Some best practices for following up with leads include promptly contacting them after initial contact, sending relevant information or resources, customizing your approach based on their needs, and maintaining consistent communication. You should personalize your interactions, show genuine interest, and provide value at each touchpoint.

What are the main types of performance media?

The main types of performance media are pay-per-click, pay-per-call, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale advertising.

How do you optimize performance media campaigns?

To optimize performance media campaigns, it’s important to track and analyze data to see which strategies and partners are working best. By continually monitoring and refining campaigns, you can improve results and achieve your goals more effectively. By being strategic and adaptable, you can ensure that your media campaigns are reaching the right people and driving desired outcomes.