Open Positions

We’re hiring at our Rochester, NY location with options for remote work

Senior Full-Stack Software Developer / Technical Team Lead

Job duties/responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with the wider development team on extending/modifying the microservices based approach of our software architecture, as well as all web-based User Interface code, back-end data queries, etc. Focus on breaking down requirements into small, well-defined, sub-functions that can be developed and distributed as necessary across application servers that make up the Soleo network.   (15% of weekly work).
  • Develop Software Solutions (full stack; front-end, back-end and database components):
    Act as the Senior Software Developer (hands-on coding) for all user interfaces, create REST API endpoints used by the front-end to retrieve data necessary to drive interactions/features, setup database schemas/ tables/ views/ triggers that are necessary to store data. Incorporate data from other microservices that may be necessary to drive specific UI functions. Incorporate Rapid Prototyping methodologies for use as ‘Proof of Concept’ for new features/applications. Be able to transition Prototype-level software to fully featured/deployable/ maintainable web-apps. (25% of weekly work)
  • Unit & Integration Testing / Bug Resolution: Execute Developer-level Unit testing, participate in integrated functional testing where produced works fit into a larger set of software modifications. Support formal QA cycles that qualify software for production deployment. Help identify, track, and fix software bugs both prior to field deployment and as they arise post deployment.  (10% of weekly work)
  • Collaborate with Stakeholders on new feature functionality, new strategic initiatives, and/or new back-office applications required to integrate software into the wider Soleo platform/architecture (10% of weekly work).
  • Coordinate the efforts of your dedicated software development team; assign tasks (breaking down work responsibilities / tracking progress), prioritize work, hold scrum meetings, and track Sprint-by-Sprint stories/progress using Soleo’s Agile Development processes. Be the subject matter expert, and mentor, to the more junior employees on your technical team. Assume an Ownership role with respect to the software components created/maintained by your team. Oversee the entire SDLC as it applies to the software you/your team develops. (25% of weekly work)
  • Concentrate on Usability Initiatives/Improvements: Ensure Designs are easy-to-use for non-technical resources, constantly improving, etc. (5% of the weekly work)
  • Keep up to date with new/emerging technologies used to create and/or manage web applications (advancements in 3rd party software packages, coding languages, etc.) Maintain awareness to critical software vulnerabilities and proactively patch/work-around security issues as they arise. Code based on security best-practices and ensure protection of user data. (5% of weekly work)
  • Maintain legacy software codebases that are defined as critical to the day-to-day revenue and/or operational efficacy of the company (5% of weekly work)


Experience/Skill Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Information Science and/or Technology, Computer Science or Computer Engineering
  • Requires 2 years’ experience as a Software Developer which must include:
    • 2 years hands-on coding experience in a software development role (including Front-End, Back-End, REST API and Database work)
    • practical experience with software architecture/design.
  • Must also include 2 years’ experience with the following technologies:
    • Languages: ReactJS, NodeJS, JavaScript, AngularJS, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, SASS, Java, PHP, WordPress, Spring, SpringBoot
    • Data Formats: XML, JSON
    • Tools: Git, SVN, Flyway, Ansible
    • OS: Linux, MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android
    • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Senior Paid Media Manager

The Opportunity:

Soleo Communications is seeking an innovative, self-motivated individual with strong communication and project management skills to join our Digital Marketing Team. As the Senior Paid Media Manager, you will be responsible for the development and execution of a multi-channel paid media marketing plan for Soleo’s owned and operated digital brands including and This a unique opportunity to take on a leadership role within the organization and to contribute to initiatives that are core to Soleo’s strategic growth plan.

Our ideal candidate possesses 5+ years of experience managing paid search campaigns with over $500k in monthly ad spend. You should understand what it takes to compete for some of the most competitive keywords and have mastered best practices around account structure, campaign types, automated bidding strategies and conversion tracking. In addition to paid search, you should have a firm grasp of how to leverage other paid channels including display, video, and social media to formulate a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for each of our brands. The ability to communicate complex strategies and provide data-driven performance updates to the Executive Team is essential to your success.


  • Develop a comprehensive paid media strategy for Soleo’s owned and operated digital brands. Be prepared to think differently and introduce creative solutions for driving brand awareness on a fixed budget.
  • Work closely with the VP of Digital Strategy and Partnerships and the Director of Customer Engagement to develop a deep understanding of our portfolio of national brand clients. Leverage your understanding of customer needs, performance KPIs and compliance requirements to develop scalable lead generation strategies that deliver on ROAS targets.
  • Assist the executive team in developing forecasts, performance targets, and a standard set of KPIS to be monitored across all of Soleo’s owned and operated digital brands.
  • Partner closely with other members of the digital marketing team to ensure that content and landing page design is consistent with the paid media strategy ensuring an excellent consumer experience and converstion rate optimization.
  • Create and maintain a log of A/B tests to validate digital marketing strategies and continuously optimize performance. Report results to executive leadership.
  • Utilize online tools and other resources to conduct keyword and competitive research, identify growth opportunities, and stay on top of key industry trends.

Position Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree, with related experience in the marketing/advertising field
  • 5+ years of experience managing paid search campaigns with over $500k in monthly ad spend
  • 5-7 years of media buying experience and exposure to all the major platforms including Google/ Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn
  • Experience managing at least one direct report and mentoring junior team members
  • Strong project and performance management skills including the ability to delegate work and provide constructive feedback
  • Experience managing external agencies and holding them accountable to performance targets
  • Google and Microsoft Ads Certification (Google Analytics Certification a plus)
  • Experience with 3rd party tools SEM Tools (SEMrush)
  • Solid understanding of paid search best practices including:
    • Experience writing effective search ad copy
  • Experience identifying testing opportunities and implementing experiments
  • Ability to audit and uncover account performance or technical issues
    • Knowledge of automated bidding strategies including smart bidding
    • Knowledge of new campaign types including dynamic search and performance max
  • Experience using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to configure conversion tracking
  • Working knowledge of Call Rail and Dynamic Number Insertion is a plus