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Carrier / Intercept Calls

when a customer calls a business number that is no longer in service, they have the option to be connected to a business related to the one they were trying to reach…

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3 Benefits to Selling Calls through an API

For affiliates (also known as “publishers”), selling calls is an easy way to monetize their ad space and drive new revenue through high payouts. Many affiliates who sell calls choose to do so by working either directly with an advertiser, …

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Understanding Different Types of Calls

Whether you’re new to pay-per-call or have been running campaigns for years, it’s important that you know how your call-based leads are ­­generated to ensure you receive the kinds of leads you want, and your campaigns are compliant with common

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Selling Calls 101: Optimize Performance by Tracking Calls

Affiliate marketers face the unique challenge of identifying and capitalizing on outstanding sources of consumer engagement. In the pay-per-call space, affiliates (also known as “publishers”) generate call traffic using a variety of advertising methods – web-based, offline, carriers, and call …

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