Quality calls sent directly to your business

More of the high-intent leads you want with pay-per-call

Getting the most out of your
performance marketing

Leverage pay-per-call advertising to increase your ROI, decrease your cost per lead, and reach
customers who are ready to buy.

Dedicated Account Management

An experienced Customer Success Manager will help you build a campaign that targets your ideal consumers and reduces your cost per lead (CPL)

Real-Time Reporting and Campaign Optimization Tools

Track calls, view campaign results, identify top-performing call sources, and make critical adjustments with your real time reporting dashboard

Unique Calls That Perform

CallThread taps into a variety of online and offline sources that drive a higher return on ad spend (ROAS) than other performance marketing techniques

Interactive Dialog Management

Custom greetings and front-end menus filter and route calls effectively

Location Targeting, Configurable Hours and Call Pacing

Set your geographic boundaries, the hours your contact center is available, and the number of calls it can handle

Consumer Profiling

We reach your ideal consumers through ad targeting techniques, our network of sources, and our IVR platform

Quality traffic in your industry

We’ve partnered with a large number of reliable call sources to generate calls in hundreds of categories and verticals. Here are just a few examples.

Get unique auto insurance leads that convert. Our qualifying methods identify high-value prospects like insured drivers, homeowners, and more and filter out unwanted calls.
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Our qualified network of call sources generate more than 15,000 pest control calls a month, and our in-house digital marketing team is responsible for 30% of that call traffic.
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Consumers who are searching for repair services often need over-the-phone assistance. Because of this, pay-per-call is a strong source of leads for home service providers.
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The home security industry is well suited for success with performance marketing and pay-per-call is strong in this category. IVR filters and other qualifying methods can help identify high value leads such as homeowners while sorting out unwanted leads. With call tracking and recording options, it’s also easy to measure the performance of each pay-per-call marketing campaign.
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Other top industries include appliance repair, lawn care, health insurance, medicare, life insurance, dentists, auto repair and more.
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Access our qualified network of call sources

One network, hundreds of qualified sources

Exclusive Call Sources

Our trusted network of call sources generates calls through a variety of online, offline, and carrier sources.

Call Source Insights

With CallThread’s call tracking features, it’s easy to identify those call sources that generate the best traffic.

Compliant, Brand-Safe Call Traffic

CallThread’s call traffic is always inbound and complies with applicable consumer protection laws. Use of branded bidding, advertiser trademarks, and incentivized traffic are prohibited without consent.