Compliance in Pay-Per-Call

Telemarketing is notorious for being highly regulated, but it can be confusing which telemarketing regulations extend to the pay-per-call industry and how they apply. However, this is a growing concern for advertisers that want to protect their brand. In fact, the quality of call traffic is often the top deciding factor for brands and networks […]

Advertising Appliance Repair Services and Winning with Pay-Per-Call

For appliance repair companies, the goal of marketing is to build a steady stream of business. However, with traditional marketing techniques and tight advertising budgets, it’s crucial – yet challenging – to know which marketing tactics will actually accomplish this goal.

Affiliate Marketing Defined

Once upon a time, marketing and advertising was quite different – and much simpler. Prior to the industrial revolution, businesses relied mostly on word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations. At that time, the task of promoting products and services was not as complex (nor as demanding) as it is today. With the invention of mass-production, however, came […]

Performance Marketing Explained: How it Works

With the rise in digital device use and tracking technology has come a surge in new marketing efforts and methods. One such method is performance-based marketing. This trend has emerged as a valuable technique for not only generating leads, but for measuring how each individual ad performs.

29 Statistics that Prove the Effectiveness of Pay-Per-Call

For marketers that actively advertise via pay-per-call, the benefits are clear: low costs, high returns, and high-intent inbound leads delivered right to their call agents. But, for advertisers who are new to the pay-per-call space, those benefits are just words until there are facts and figures to back them up. For that reason, we’ve pulled […]