Callback Best Practices and Pay-Per-Call

You’re running a pay-per-call campaign, and the calls are pouring in. Everything seems to be going as planned until a call goes to voicemail and the caller doesn’t leave a message. Suddenly, your mind fills with questions:

29 Statistics that Prove the Effectiveness of Pay-Per-Call

For marketers that actively advertise via pay-per-call, the benefits are clear: low costs, high returns, and high-intent inbound leads delivered right to their call agents. But, for advertisers who are new to the pay-per-call space, those benefits are just words until there are facts and figures to back them up. For that reason, we’ve pulled […]

Performance Marketing Explained: How it Works

With the rise in digital device use and tracking technology has come a surge in new marketing efforts and methods. One such method is performance-based marketing. This trend has emerged as a valuable technique for not only generating leads, but for measuring how each individual ad performs.

Affiliate Marketing Defined

Once upon a time, marketing and advertising was quite different – and much simpler. Prior to the industrial revolution, businesses relied mostly on word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations. At that time, the task of promoting products and services was not as complex (nor as demanding) as it is today. With the invention of mass-production, however, came […]

Advertising Appliance Repair Services and Winning with Pay-Per-Call

For appliance repair companies, the goal of marketing is to build a steady stream of business. However, with traditional marketing techniques and tight advertising budgets, it’s crucial – yet challenging – to know which marketing tactics will actually accomplish this goal.

Compliance in Pay-Per-Call

Telemarketing is notorious for being highly regulated, but it can be confusing which telemarketing regulations extend to the pay-per-call industry and how they apply. However, this is a growing concern for advertisers that want to protect their brand. In fact, the quality of call traffic is often the top deciding factor for brands and networks […]

Selling Calls 101: Using Real-Time Call Data to Monitor Quality & Improve Performance

Any affiliate knows that the key to success lies in their ability to continuously optimize and scale campaign performance. Whether that involves changing your ad copy, adding captioning to your video, or focusing on certain media channels, the end-goal is the same: increase consumer engagement and drive consumer action in the form of clicks, views, […]

Taking The Guesswork Out of Lead Generation

Generating new prospects isn’t easy. With changes in consumer behavior and the rising costs of digital marketing, deciding on how to spend limited advertising dollars is becoming even more difficult. Although no foolproof solution exists, performance marketing has proven to be one of the best investments when calculating Return on Ad Spend. Pay-per-call is the […]

How to Design a Successful Landing Page

With the right ad traffic, a good landing page equals a successful pay-per-call campaign. In a pay-per-call campaign, landing pages have one goal: convert your website traffic into qualified calls. It’s no surprise, then, that having a successful landing page leads to more qualified call traffic – and more money in your pockets – for […]