How Pest Control Businesses Win Customers With Pay-Per-Call


The pest control industry faces unique challenges when it comes to marketing services and generating sales. However, pay-per-call can meet these challenges and help pest control businesses increase their marketing return on investment (ROI) with high-intent, high-quality leads.

By partnering with a pay-per-call company, you can create a campaign to receive inbound phone calls from qualified customers – and then you only pay for calls that meet your call duration and location requirements.

Inbound phone calls are much more likely to convert than other inbound leads, and a pay-per-call campaign for pest control typically sees about a 45% conversion rate.

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Pest Control Marketing Challenges and How Pay-Per-Call Helps

Challenge #1 – Reaching Customers Who Want Professional Pest Control Services

With most marketing efforts, you cast a wide net and hope to catch some leads that are ready to schedule professional pest control services, but you’re also likely to attract people who want to learn about pests, find DIY solutions for their pest problem, or file a customer service claim.

Pay-Per-Call Solution

The inbound phone calls generated by a pay-per-call campaign are high-intent, meaning the consumer is usually ready to schedule professional pest control services when they call.

If you partner with a pay-per-call network, you’ll gain access to their network of vetted publishers that will generate qualified calls to your business. This gives you the broad reach of working with multiple publishers without the responsibility of managing multiple contracts yourself.

Challenge #2 – Generating Leads for the Most Profitable Pests

There is generally more competition for leads for high-ticket pests such as termites and mosquitos, leading to higher costs and more opportunities lost to competitors.

Pay-Per-Call Solution

In your pay-per-call campaign, you can specifically target the services that you want to grow by setting campaign categories.  You can also adjust your bid per category, so your ad is more competitive in key target services.

Challenge #3 – Avoiding Unwanted Leads

With traditional marketing, it’s difficult to filter out leads for unwanted services such as wildlife removal or single-treatment pests.

Pay-Per-Call Solution

Your pay-per-call partner can set up qualifying methods such as Interactive Voice Recordings to filter out calls you don’t want. A pay-per-call network will also qualify calls that come from their publisher network to make sure you’re only getting the calls you want.

Challenge #4 – Controlling Your Budget and Reach

You want to be in control of your budget to make sure it is used to its full potential, and you want to control your reach to ensure you’re only generating leads in areas that you service.

Pay-Per-Call Solution

Pay-per-call gives you flexibility to manage your budget and set your business hours, geographies, and daily spending caps. You can also control your call volume so that your call center agents are not sitting idle and customers aren’t subject to lengthy hold times.

Challenge #5 – Evaluating Marketing Efforts

It is nearly impossible to accurately track lead sources and correctly optimize your budget with traditional advertising.

Pay-Per-Call Solution

With the right pay-per-call network, you can easily track your campaign’s success with methods such as call tracking, call recording, call transcription, and call scoring. This allows you to identify the sources and geographies that generate the most qualified calls and optimize your marketing spend by allocating more budget to the high-performers.

New Pest Control Marketing Challenges in 2020

With tighter budgets and less traditional advertising space available, 2020 has made it clear that businesses need to use their marketing budget with channels that will deliver a high ROI.

Pay-Per-Call Solution

Pay-per-call marketing offers a high ROI for pest control businesses even though the initial cost per lead may seem expensive. A competitive pay-per-call bid in this industry is between $33-40 for a call that lasts a minimum of 90 seconds. The average call lasts about 8 minutes, and pest control calls typically have about a 45% conversion rate. Based on our experience, the return on ad spend (ROAS) in this industry is close to $3.00.

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Pay-per-call is a high-converting source of qualified leads for pest control businesses. When looking for the right pay-per-call network, look for a trusted network that offers reliable compliance, superior service, commitment to performance, and unique traffic sources.

Soleo’s pay-per-call network generates 25,000 calls a month for pest control services and can easily scale to fit the needs of our advertisers. Almost 30% of our call traffic ($100k of revenue) is generated by our in-house lead generation team, and the rest comes from our trusted network of qualified, vetted publishers who adhere to our strict network compliance requirements.

We are dedicated to meeting our partners’ CPA requirements, and we offer call tracking, quality assurance, and assistance from our experienced customer success team.

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