How to Generate More Dental Appointments with Pay-Per-Call


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According to the ADA, 42% of Americans want to visit a dentist more often than they already do because they recognize the importance of dental health. For most dentists, reaching these prospective patients through traditional marketing methods is challenging.

With pay-per-call, dental practices and dental service providers can overcome this challenge with high-intent call-based leads. Pay-per-call is a type of advertising that allows businesses to pay to receive qualified inbound phone calls that are very likely to convert – and only pay for the calls that meet their requirements.

How Pay-Per-Call Solves Marketing for Dental Service Providers

Challenge #1 – Getting the phone to ring

The best leads are the ones that are ready to make an appointment, but finding these leads is challenging, especially when you have to deal with unqualified form fills and cold calling past patients. Overall, phone calls convert into paying customers 10x more frequently than any other form of lead, and in the dental industry, 80% of patients schedule their first appointment over the phone.

Pay-Per-Call Solution

If you need to generate more leads, consider purchasing calls. Through a pay-per-call campaign, you will receive calls from people who are searching for a dentist in the area you service.

With pay-per-call, third-party lead-generators promote dental services with the goal of generating call-based leads that they can connect to a dental business (the advertiser). The advertiser only pays for calls that fulfill a duration requirement, using this time to qualify the caller before they are billed for the call. In the dental industry, the common duration requirement is 30-90 seconds.

Challenge #2 – Using advertising spend effectively

A top challenge for dental practices and dental support agencies is meeting new patients where they are and convincing them to book an appointment. There are so many ways to use your marketing budget, it can become overwhelming to find the ones that provide a sizable ROI.

Pay-Per-Call Solution

Pay-per-call will give your business the advertising reach it needs to get enough calls, without draining your budget.

When you choose to work with a pay-per-call network, you get access to a broad range of call sources including publishers, affiliates, and other lead-generators. These sources promote a tracking number that connects the consumers to a dental service provider near them, and if that’s you, you only pay for calls that meet your campaign requirements – including your service area, hours of operation, budget, and duration requirements. Call pacing allows you to set daily or hourly caps on total spend or billable calls.

Challenge #3 – Generating leads that become patients

Generating leads is one thing – generating leads that convert into appointments is another. There are many reasons a caller would not become a patient: they don’t have the right insurance, they live too far from your practice, they aren’t available during your hours, etc.

Pay-Per-Call Solution

By setting campaign categories, you can specifically target the high-value consumer profiles that you want, such as people in proximity to your practice or those with dental insurance. Your pay-per-call network will be able to help you define and target your ideal consumer profiles, and they should have quality assurance techniques in place to ensure their publishers are only delivering the calls you want.

Look for a network that will also set up qualifying methods such as Interactive Voice Recordings to filter out calls you don’t want, such as customer service calls.

Challenge #4 – Measuring your campaign success and demonstrating ROI

With traditional advertising, it is nearly impossible to accurately track lead sources and correctly optimize your budget.

Pay-Per-Call Solution

Because pay-per-call is a digital advertising method, you can easily track and optimize your campaign’s success. Call tracking, call recording and call transcription methods can help you identify the sources and geographies that generate the most qualified calls, so you can allocate your budget accordingly.

For the dental vertical, the ROI for pay-per-call is high – the average call in this industry lasts about 5 minutes, and calls typically have a 50% conversion rate. A competitive bid in this industry is typically around $30 for a call that lasts 60 seconds, but your pay-per-call partner will be able to help you set a competitive bid in your category.

Getting Started with Pay-Per-Call

Pay-per-call is a high-converting source of qualified leads for dental service providers. When looking for the right pay-per-call network, look for a trusted network that is committed to performance and superior service and delivers compliant, high-intent calls from unique traffic sources.

Soleo’s pay-per-call network generates thousands of calls for dental service providers each month and can easily scale to fit the needs of our advertisers. Our call traffic is generated in a way that complements your internal lead-gen activities, leveraging both our in-house lead generation team and our network of qualified, vetted publishers who adhere to strict network compliance stipulations.

We are dedicated to meeting our partners’ CPA requirements, and we offer call tracking, Interactive Voice Recordings, quality assurance, and dedicated support from our experienced customer success team.

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