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Frequently Asked Questions

When you partner with Soleo, your calls come from three main sources: our network of approved digital publishers, Soleo’s in-house digital marketing team, and call traffic that was originated by consumers looking for insurance.

We assign each call source a tracking number for each campaign, so we can determine where specific calls originate and conduct regular quality assurance checks across all call sources. Digital publishers use a variety of channels to advertise the campaign tracking number including online channels such as SEM, social media, display, and SEO. Some publishers pursue offline channels such as print, radio, TV, billboard, and direct mail.

Soleo’s experienced in-house digital marketing team uses paid search and other online channels to generate call traffic for our customers. The remaining call traffic comes from consumers conducting a voice search through in home devices and voice-based search engines.

When you start a lead campaign with Soleo, you agree to a price for a qualified call.  A call is qualified if it meets a specific call duration based on the desired category, hours, and geography. When a call comes into our network, Soleo’s CallThread technology identifies the time of day, category, and geography of the call and will connect you with consumers that match your offer.

The Soleo team regularly conducts quality assurance checks across all call sources. We use call tracking, call recording (if the consumer is first notified the call will be recorded), and call scoring to monitor the call traffic our publishers send.

All publishers in our network go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure they comply to consumer protection laws. To ensure your pay-per-call campaign complements your internal lead-gen efforts, all Soleo publishers must also adhere to our strict network restrictions that include:

• No branded bidding or common misspellings

• No use of advertiser trademarks

• All traffic must be consumer initiated