Working at Soleo

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  What makes Soleo a unique place to work? It’s filled with leaders in the industry who want to make a difference. For 20 years, our mission has remained the same: make useful connections for people every day. We believe technology can and should be used to harness these connections. Our reputation has been earned by building world-class platforms, maintaining the highest standards of compliance, being selective about our publishers and suppliers, and providing top-notch customer support.

Be a part of an ever-changing industry

Performance marketing is always changing, so our success depends on the innovative thinkers on our team who promote new ideas and technology in the field. We’re committed to creating a culture that enables our employees to become these leaders in the industry. Our employees work with (and even create) leading technology, while learning from experts in the industry.

Grow with us.

We’re constantly evolving into something better. Our roles and capabilities expand and change on a continual basis to fit the needs of our customers, partners, and employees. Because of this, employees have the opportunity to grow as Soleo does.

Interested in expanding your professional skillsets in a rewarding environment? Check out current openings here.

Transparency matters

Soleo strives to deliver the highest transparency to our clients and partners, as well as our employees. Our employees can view and track the company’s business goals each quarter, and see how their efforts will help impact those goals. This provides employees with a highly rewarding work environment. social 1 – 27@2x

We’re all about our values.

Our values are the foundation of our commitment to customers, investors, and employees. They resonate in how we work, the way we interact, and who we are. 

01. Innovation

We use innovative thinking and technology to create high-quality customer-focused solutions.

02. Integrity 

We act with integrity in our work and our relationships.

03. Efficiency 

We strive to create and foster a high-spirited and agile culture.

Join a culture that cares

Culture is more than how people work together. To us, it’s the common belief that we can do more good things as a team than we can do on our own. This belief embodies how we treat each other, our partners, and our customers. It represents our codes of behavior and our company values. At Soleo, we’re always looking for new ideas and perspectives. We’re committed to providing employees with the best work atmosphere, including a hybrid work model, paid time-off benefits, 401k retirement plans and much more. We are passionate about what we do and know how to enjoy our time with each other. Sound like something that interests you? Check out our career opportunities here.


Sara Fitzgerald: 0:02 Hi, I’m Sarah Fitzgerald, and I’m the manager of the Customer Success Team here at Soleo. Shashank Reddy: 0:06 Hello, my name is Shashank Reddy, and I’m a Data Engineer at Soleo. Greta Eby: 0:09 Hi, I’m Greta Eby, and I’m the Marketing and Design Strategist here at Soleo. Alyssa DiCrastro: 0:13 Hi, I’m Alyssa DiCrastro. I’m the Marketing Manager at Soleo. Sara Fitzgerald: 0:24 Soleo is in an industry that’s ever-changing and therefore the roles here are ever-changing as well. So, you may come in expecting only to know how to do one thing and leave knowing way more than you expected. And honestly, the more time you spend here, the more versed you become in different industries, different pieces of the company and you can try almost anything while you’re here. Shashank Reddy: 0:44 Given the numerous technologies Soleo has been invested in, it gives me a chance to work with multiple technologies and new platforms with experts in all these fields. Provided, the company also has an excellent culture and environment. It helps me grow professionally and gain professional etiquette. Greta Eby: 1:04 Working out Soleo has been a great experience in that I’ve been able to grow so much professionally since I’ve been here in just a year. I continually am challenged on a daily basis, not only in my technical skills, but also in the way I communicate with others and in the way I work with others. So, it’s been a really great and challenging experience. Alyssa DiCrastro: 1:29 One unique thing about Soleo is the level of transparency that we provide to our clients and our partners. And Soleo’s transparency also extends to their employees. So, all of the employees know what the business goals are for the quarter and we all know exactly how our individual actions impact those goals, which provides a really rewarding environment for employees.

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