Pay-Per-Call: Three Tips & Tricks for Beginners


What You Need to Know as You Get Started

Pay-per-call is a profitable option for marketers who wish to generate leads and drive conversion rates with minimal risk. When executed correctly, pay-per-call campaigns deliver a high volume of quality, call-based leads directly to businesses. Call-based leads are more likely to convert than other inbound leads because direct callers are typically ready to make a purchase when they call.

Pay-per-call marketing is new to many and, for beginners, the unknowns of the pay-per-call arena may be daunting or overwhelming. For that reason, we’ve put together some tips to help you get started.

What is pay-per-call?

Pay-per-call is a type of performance marketing in which businesses (advertisers) purchase inbound sales calls from either a pay-per-call network or directly from an affiliate. With pay-per-call, marketers only pay for inbound calls that meet the specific requirements of their campaign (e.g. call duration, geographic locations, etc.).

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Tip #1 – Partner with a Pay-Per-Call Network

A pay-per-call network helps facilitate the relationship between you (the advertiser) and publishers (the people who sell calls). Partnering with a network is one of the best ways to get started in pay-per-call because you can use their diverse network of publishers and call sources without needing to manage multiple contracts and qualify calls yourself.

Typically, a network will assist advertisers in creating a campaign, determining a competitive bid price, tracking calls, maximizing call traffic, and filtering out unwanted calls. The best pay-per-call networks are transparent in how they source their calls and adhere to all compliance regulations.

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Tip #2 – Set a Competitive Bid

Your bid price is the price you are willing to pay for a call that lasts a specified amount of time in the category you want. The bid price determines how your campaign will perform among the offers of the other advertisers that work with your network. Typically, the higher you set your bid price, the better your campaign will compete among those in your vertical. For the best results, use a bid strength tool to determine your competitiveness and predict campaign performance.

Tip #3 – Track Your Calls

Pay-per-call networks have tools in place to track calls, determine  the call source and location, and record call duration. Call tracking tools make it easy for you to understand which campaigns are successful and which are not, providing helpful insight into which ads drive the most qualified call traffic.

Getting started with pay-per-call is easier than you think. At Soleo, we are committed to helping you through every step of the process so you can meet your campaign goals with ease.