Why Your Brand Should Consider Affiliate Marketing Channels

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Since brand marketing is still so important in today’s market, why would your brand ever need to invest in affiliate marketing?

The answer to this question is simple: affiliate marketing expands your reach and gives your brand a chance to talk to consumers who otherwise wouldn’t consider your brand.

There are a number of ways you can go about reaching a broader audience, but the one with the highest measurable return on ad spend is affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, your services will be marketed to people who are actively searching but do not already have a brand in mind.


Reach brand-averse consumers

As marketers, we all know that word-of-mouth is the best way to get consumers to buy our services. Unfortunately, this goes both ways, and a negative review or experience with a brand can harm your chances of ever selling to a potentially perfect-fit customer.

Someone hears from a friend, family member, acquaintance that:

  •       Your prices are too high
  •       Your customer service is unresponsive
  •       Your product or service doesn’t work the way they expected

You may never get a chance to talk to someone who heard a negative review of your brand simply because that negative review turned them off of your brand completely, even if your brand has made changes since the time of the negative review or if the negative review was unwarranted. The good news? This doesn’t have to be permanent.

Affiliates have the ability to capture these consumers and point them to your brand without the negative brand association. This is because brand-adverse consumers will be more willing to contact a third-party than calling your brand directly.


Reach consumers who are in the top or mid-funnel

These consumers are trying to research potential brands because they don’t believe they are ready to commit to one of the big brands in the space and are looking for impartial recommendations from third-party sites.

Keywords affiliates use that consumers are more likely to click on than branded pages:

  • [SERVICE] reviews
  • Best [SERVICE] companies
  • Top 10 [SERVICE] companies

Affiliate marketers own many of the websites that appear when someone searches these terms, and since they are an impartial third party, searchers are more likely to click on those pages than branded sites.

How pay-per-call affiliate marketing complements your internal marketing efforts

Like many forms of affiliate marketing, pay-per-call enables brands to reach consumers they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk to, including top and mid-funnel as well as brand-adverse consumers. Affiliates in pay-per-call may reach these consumers using a variety of methods – online promotion, offline promotion and carrier traffic sourcing are some of the most common. Often, affiliates have expertise in lead generation methods that you might not have internally, and can easily target specific geographies and consumer demographics at your request.

Additionally, pay-per-call is a low-risk form of affiliate marketing because you only pay for the calls that convert. If a call does not meet your pre-specified requirements, there’s no harm done and no money lost. You can scale your ad budget as it suits you to minimize risk and maximize lead generation.

Consumer journey

Pay-per-call affiliate marketing complements your internal marketing efforts by reaching consumers who may take a different consumer journey:

Group 258

Think pay-per-call marketing would complement your internal marketing efforts? Get started today with CallThread – the premier pay-per-call network. Our dedicated customer success managers will be here to help you every step of the way.

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