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Performance marketing

a type of marketing where advertisers partner with individuals, companies, or networks who deliver qualified leads for a commission; the partners get paid based on their performance, collecting a commission only when they deliver qualified leads…

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Performance Marketing Explained: How it Works

With the rise in digital device use and tracking technology has come a surge in new marketing efforts and methods. One such method is performance-based marketing. This trend has emerged as a valuable technique for not only generating leads but …

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Choosing the Right Performance Marketing Strategy

Today, an increasing number of companies are shifting their marketing budgets from traditional marketing towards performance-based marketing. Performance marketing is just what the name implies: marketing based on performance. In other words, you only pay when your ad performs or …

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Affiliate Marketing Defined

Once upon a time, marketing and advertising was quite different – and much simpler. Prior to the industrial revolution, businesses relied mostly on word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations. At that time, the task of promoting products and services was not as …

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